3 Coffee Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Rich dark roast coffee has more caffeine than a light roast. 

Truth: When coffee beans get roasted, caffeine actually burns off during the process. So dark roast actually has less caffeine than light roast because it is roasted longer. 

Myth #2: Decaf coffee does not contain caffeine

Truth: While a standard cup of brewed coffee (8 oz) contains an average 95 mg of caffeine, decaf coffee actually contains a small amount (about 2mg) per standard cup. So next time you see a decaffeinated coffee bag, you can interpret the bag as “This Coffee is 97% caffeine free.”

Myth #3: You can tell how fresh coffee is by looking at it.

Truth: Oily, glossy coffee is supposed to be fresher than dull, oil free coffee. In truth, coffee appearance depends on so many factors, including roast level, bean oil content, storage conditions etc. that sight is no guide. Only taste and smell give a real result.