A Brand New Look: Same Fresh Taste

This week, La Selva Coffee is introducing its newest collections: “La Selva Coffee Royal Blends” and “La Selva Coffee Origin Blends.” We are excited to highlight our fresh roasted beans through an assortment of decadent coffee blends that can be described in two words: pure bliss.

For those who like to indulge in the finer things in life, we introduce you to La Selva Royal Blends. Unique and robust flavors come alive in these decadent coffee blends. Roasted to perfection to get you ready to take on the day! As part of our Royal Blends, we are happy to introduce: Best Seller: Vaquero Blend, Italian Roast, Africa Kahawa, Half Caff Blend, Latin American Blend, Best Seller: Seis Grants de Café, Desayuno Blend, Buñuelo Blend, Africa French Roast, and our latest release: Café Frígido-Cold Brew.

Our Origin Blends embrace the purity of our La Selva Origins Collection. High quality beans sourced from their native countries. As part of our Origin Blends, we are happy to introduce: Nicaragua Blend, Guatemala Blend, Colombia Blend, Peru Blend, Costa Rica Blend, Honduras Blend, Mexico Blend, Indonesia Blend, Papua New Guinea Blend, and Ethiopia Blend.

We hope you enjoy our new collections (a.k.a. some of the freshest beans on the internet). Check out our new collections on the “Coffee Collections” page on our site now!