Coffee Origins vs. Blends: What’s the Difference?

With our latest collections release, La Selva Origins and La Selva Royal Blends, we thought it would be helpful to differentiate the two with a quick comparison.


At its most basic level, a “blend” combines beans from various countries or regions to create a robust flavor profile. This combination often results in unique expressions of flavor, acidity, and body that can only be found by mixing the right beans. Some blends are created through imagination and experimentation, whereas others are sourced in order to create a specific flavor profile. In the same way that cheese, tomato sauce and dough go together, a coffee blend


An “origin”, on the other hand, sources its beans from one specific location. Since no two coffees are the same, it can be fun to try different flavors side-by-side to distinguish unique characteristics. Single origin coffees bring coffee flavors to life by being ever-changing. Instead of trying a few blends year-round, customers can enjoy a variety of seasonally offered single origins that taste very different from each other. An origin brings out the inherent qualities of a specific regional quality and is roasted more gently to maintain its natural qualities. Single origin coffees have gained in popularity because of their rich and pure flavor. Enthusiasts and professionals tend to buy more single origin coffees. Unique and exotic, they’re sure to bring a sense of wonder and imagination. 

Which should you choose?

At La Selva Coffee, we understand that some customers want excitement and surprise while others yearn for a coffee routine.. Fortunately, we can satisfy both tastes by offering a little of both!  Our origins are exciting for their transparency. They give a sensory connection to specific regions and people. Our blends, on the other hand, provide a consistent and delicious cup every day. To be honest you can’t go wrong with either. BUT! If you’re like us, and you have an affinity for both, here’s a tip that you might like: For a steady start to your day, enjoy the comfort of a blend in the morning. To get you that midday pick-me-up try a vivacious single origin in the afternoon.