Snack Magic Partnership


La Selva Coffee has been selected to partner with Snack Magic

 As an emerging brand striving to succeed in the competitive arena of brands that Snack Magic has, we need your support! Please help us stand out by showing brand loyalty and ordering La Selva Coffee as a part of a snack box from Snack Magic!

It's simple!

  • Step 1. Go to Snack Magic 
  • Step  2. Add La Selva Coffee's Vaquero Blend and Seis Granos de Cafe to your cart!
  • Step  3. Select whatever favorite snacks you might want on their awesome site, checkout and wait about a week!
  • Step  4. Sip on a piping hot cup of La Selva Coffee and enjoy your favorite snacks!

     Who Exactly is Snack Magic?

     Snack Magic is the only Direct to Consumer, non subscription service that allows consumers to craft a 100% customizable, build-your-own snack + beverage stash from a wide selection of delicious, on-trend and unique products. With over The  500+ snack and beverage options to choose from, snacking has never been more fun!

    From $0 to $20 Million in 6 months, Snack Magic has become the go to snacking service! To Learn more about Snack Magic, check out Snack Magic's Trailer!