What is La Selva and Who are We?

Our Brand

La Selva is Spanish for "Jungle". We believe that everyone has a jungle in their lives that they need help navigating, and that's why we believe we are just like you! We are a small lion cub in a big jungle. We want a piece of the action and are striving to grow as big as we can!

 What makes us different is our brand and our story. Started in a small North Carolina apartment, (432sq ft. to be exact). La Selva Coffee epitomizes what it means to be a scrappy startup. Our coffee is sourced from awesome roasters and is packed and shipped the same day its roasted. That gives us a competitive advantage of fresh tasting coffee free from that “old and dusty” taste you get from coffee sitting on the grocery store shelf. Our coffee ships fresh straight to your door for your enjoyment!

Our Commitment to Growth

Yes our coffee is fresh, and yes it sets us apart, but making sure your cup of coffee is awesome isn’t the only thing that makes of different. What we really love to see is others succeed. This is where is our commitment to support the small cubs of the world comes in. We know what its like to be just starting out, and we know its not easy to get people to acknowledge or recognize your brand! That’s why we strive to make you stand out as best we can!

Our business model is pretty simple. We sponsor local or small businesses, artist, musicians, schools, and social groups on our website and social media accounts. We let the world know who they are and we promote their brand with our coffee.

Even though exposure is great, it helps to have some money in your pocket to grow your brand. That’s why we share the wealth and give our sponsors a portion of our profits associated with your brand.  For a person just starting out, every penny helps and we want everyone to have some extra money to help propel their business.